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    Photo Credit Ubaid Ullah
    Qutbuddin Aibak’s Tomb

    Qutbuddin Aibak’s Tomb

    Aibak also spelled Aybak (1150–1210) was the founder of Turkic dominion in northwestern India and he was appointed Governor of India in 1191 AD. By Muhammad Ghauri.

    He established the slave Dynasty on the death of Muhammad Ghauri in 1206 when he assumed independence of the reign and was followed by nine other slave kings.

    He was a patron of the building art and is known to have erected some monumental stone buildings in Delhi and elsewhere. A very avid player of polo, he died in Lahore in 1210 A.D., while playing the game. Qutb-ud-din Aibak's tomb is located behind Anarkal.

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