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    Ali Musa

    Ali Musa is an inhabitant and resident of a beautiful valley Shimshal. The valley of Shimshal is located in the most northern part of Pakistan. This valley is about 3100 meter high from the sea level and surrounded with Chinese border.

    Shimshal valley is 45 KM from KKH. It is famous all around the world for its natural beauty, and magnificent, splendid and attractive snow-capped high mountains.

    The highly determined mountaineers of Shimshal valley have illumined Pakistan’s image in the field of mountaineering not only in Pakistan but all around the

    Amir Mehdi

    Amir Mehdi was a High Altitude Porter (HAP) and climber from Hassnabad, Hunza, Pakistan. He is known for bivouacking at 8100m during 1954 Italian Expedition to K2. Mehdi was born in 1933.

    He was a participant of 1953 German Expedition to Nanga Parbat. Mehdi returned down from Camp IV due to health issues. Hermann Buhl made first ascent of Nanga Parbat. Next year, it were efforts of Walter Bonatti and Amir Mehdi that made first ascent of K2 possible. Both of them shifted bottled oxygen directly from Camp VII to Camp IX, late in the night. To their surprise Camp IX was not present at it's agreed spot. Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni asked them to

    Ashraf Aman

    Ashraf Aman (born 15 January 1938) is a Mountaineer, Adventurer, and an Engineer from Pakistan. In 1977, he became first Pakistani to reach the summit of K2. He operates travel and tourism based company Adventure Tours Pakistan. ATP has arranged several successful expeditions to 8000ers. He is also vice-President of Alpine Club of Pakistan.

    Early life and education

    Aman was born in Aliabad, Hunza, Pakistan. He received BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from N.E.D. Engineering University, Karachi.

    Colonel Mohammad Ata-Ullah

    Born in early 1900s, Ata was an officer in Indian Medical Service of British Army prior to Partition. Later, he served in Pakistan Army as colonel. In February 1953, Ata received an unexpected letter by American mountaineer Charles Houston inviting him to join the summer expedition to K2 later that year.

    Devoid of mountaineering knowledge or previous experience of similar kind, reluctant but excited Ata joined the expedition. Although he never climbed beyond Camp II or Windy Gap, but his mere presence at Base Camp served a great deal to the expedition. 1953 Expedition is well remembered for heroic belaying of Peter Schoening, saving five fellow climbers.

    Hassan Sadpara

    Hassan Asad Khan (born April 03, 1963) is a mountaineer and high altitude porter from Sadpara village near Skardu, Pakistan. He is commonly known as Hassan Sadpara, cognomen representing his village. In 2007 he became second Pakistani to climb all five eight-thousanders (K2,NP,GI,BP,GII) situated in Pakistani territory; Rajab Shah was the first one to do so. Hassan is also the second Pakistani to summit Everest. He also holds the honor of being only Pakistani who has made it to the summit of six discrete 8000ers mountains (not to be confused with repeated ascent of some peak, like Nisar Hussain has summited five eight-thousanders, 10 times). Hassan Sadpara was honored with President’s Pride of Performance (Medal) by Government of Pakistan in 2008.

    Imran Junaidi

    Imran Junaidi was a Rock climber and Mountaineer from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is best known for first Pakistani ascent of Malika Parbat (5290m). and a new route on little Trango (5455m) in the Trango group. In 2015 Junaidi along with two other team mates went missing while on an expedition in the Himalayan mountains in Kashmir. A search operation was initiated which ended after about three weeks without any success. Junaidi was 33 years old.


    Imran Junaidi was a passionate climber. He had been engaged in outdoor pursuits since 1998. Junaidi was the winner of several national level rock climbing

    Lt Col Manzoor Hussain (Retd)

    Lt Col Manzoor Hussain (Retd), who has been unanimously elected President of the Alpine Club of Pakistan on 17 October 2010 for next three years is a veteran mountaineer, who was commissioned in Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers in June 1966. He was lured to the high mountains while working on the construction of the famous Karakoram Highway linking Pakistan with China cutting across Himalaya and Karakoram mountain ranges in Hunza sector in 1974. Same year, as a member of the newly established Alpine Club of Pakistan, he accompanied veteran American mountaineers to K-2 to explore its climbing routes from different sides. Later, in 1975, after attending preparatory training on Mt Raineer situated the State of Washington in USA, he joined the 1975 American K-2

    Mehrban Shah

    Mehrban Shah is a high altitude porter and mountaineer from Shimshal, Hunza Nagar - village that is home to several 8000er summiteers. He was born in 1955. Mehrban’s climbing has been highly influenced by his village-mate and senior partner Rajab Shah, with whom he became first Pakistani-duo to summit K2, in 1995. Mehrban still holds the tile of youngest Pakistani to go atop K2. Apart from K2, he has summited G-I, G-II twice and Broad Peak’s subsidiary Rocky Summit - all of them above 8000m. He participated in 1997 Sino-Pak expedition to Everest. It’s allegedly believed that Rajab and Mehrban duo was in best position to make it to the top of Everest, when they were sent back to base camp by senior climbers. In 2007, Mehrban climbed Mingling Sar (6050m) with his daughter-in-law, carving a new

    Mirza Ali Baig

    Mirza Ali Baig (born 10 July 1983) is a Pakistani mountaineer, photographer and social worker, who was born in Shimshal village, Hunza-Nagar District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. He is the brother of the mountaineer Samina Baig.

    Early Life and Career

    Mirza Ali grew up and was raised in the remote village of Shimshal. After passing his 8th grade exams in the village, he moved to the town of Gulmit for high school. Mirza Ali while in high school worked with foreign trekking groups and expeditions as a porter. He had his first mountain climb at the young age

    Muhammad Ali Sadpara

    Muhammad Ali Sadpara (born in 1977) is a mountaineer and high altitude porter from Sadpara village, Skardu, Pakistan. As of February 2016, he has made six ascents of four 8000m peaks and is best known for first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat. Sadpara is first and the only Pakistani to climb an eight-thousander in winter. He also holds the distinction of record three ascents of Nanga Parbat.

    Ali Sadpara began his mountaineering career as a low altitude porter in 2000. Although, started as a mean to earn a living, he soon discovered his love for mountains and climbing. “I always feel happy in the mountains. Since the day

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