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    Panjpeer Rocks

    Narar, also called Narh, is a small village located in Tehsil Kahuta, District Rawalpindi, Punjab. The village is almost 60 KM from Capital Islamabad in southeast. It takes nearly 2.5 hours to reach Narar from Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

    Here you have to enjoy waterfall, hiking and sightseeing of Panjpeer Rocks and the Panjpeer Shrine (Baithak of 5 Saints) located at the top of the hill.

    The top altitude of Panjpeer is approximately 5700 ft from where distant views of Kashmir and Islamabad add to the aesthetics of this place. The attraction points for visitors are spectacular waterfall, leafy-green streams, dense green forest, rocks and an amazing local flora.

    How to Reach Narar
    Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Kahuta it will take almost 40 Minutes When you reach Panjar Chowk Kahuta, take left turn onto Azad Pattan Road and keep moving up to 12 Km approximately until you reach Panjar Village.

    From Panjar, before Army Check Post take left from here starts a hilly road that takes you up to the Narh/Narar village and the big waterfall The same road leads you to the Panjpeer.

    Rawalpindi –40KM– > Kahuta –12KM– > Panjar –12KM– > Narh –4KM– > Panjpeer

    The total distance between Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Narar is approx. 60 KM which is 2 hours drive depending on condition of road.

    The Waterfall
    There are many small waterfalls and streams at that place. But the biggest waterfall lies at Narh beginning. You have to walk for almost 5-10 minutes downwards to reach at waterfall spot clearly visible from the Narh Village road.

    The Panjpeer
    After parking your vehicle, you need to walk further for almost 45 minutes depending on your speed to reach Panjpeer. The best way to reach Panjpeer is that you need to head towards communication towers which are installed on the top altitude. When you are traveling, just explore jungle yourself.

    Road Condition
    The road is fine up to Main Bazar of Narar. When you travel 2-3 kilometers from main market, you may experience frequent bumps on the road. There is no proper maintenance of road that leads to top altitude of Narar (famous for Panjpeer). You are advised to park your vehicle in subway and use pedestrian track or keep walking on road.

    Tour Type
    Site best fits for camping, hiking, weekend stays, summer hangover and winter snow-falling.

    There is small community living in Narar with limited access to resources. People are conservative and friendly. Men and Women adhere to traditional dress code of Shalwar-Kameez.

    The people living in Narar village speak fluent Pahari/Potohari and understand Urdu/Punjabi language only.

    Safety Precautions

    1. Most important thing that you should take care of is to avoid swimming in the waterfall pond if you can’t swim.
    2. Do not go inside restricted areas when traveling to Narar. There is known place Y-Cross which is restricted and you should avoid, otherwise it would result in time wasting and possible security verification.
    3. Prefer taking your own food and drinks. In Narar, you will not be showered with any reasonable food and drinks.
    4. Take guidelines from one who is living in that area for visiting different places. The tracks are narrow, if you do not know exactly where to go—take advice before heading to another place.
    5. When hiking, do not move so fast especially when you are moving towards waterfall. The rocks are slippery; make sure your shoes grip well before moving second foot.
    6. Park your motor in subway after two kilometers from the main bazaar.
    7. When you are in Narar, make sure you have enough water and some junk food with you. You may not find markets to buy anything reasonable.

    Emergency Phone Contacts
    Police Help SDPO Kahuta (Circle) 051-3311875
    Ambulance & General Emergency: 115, 1122 with city code (051)
    Edhi Trust (Ambulance Service) 051-214575


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