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    At the drive of 2 hours after moving from Balakot, another most attractive and the main point for tourists is SHOWGRAN. This area is very brilliant and beautiful,Shogran, one of the most beautiful plateaus in the valley, is situated 34 kilometers from Balakot via kewai.

    To reach this quaint place, take a side road on the right after passing through kewal. From here it is a sleep of kilometers to shogran. The road is metalled and normal cars and vans can easily make the drive. Surrounded by thick pine forests and with an altitude of 7747 feet, the summer climate of Shogran is very mild and pleasant. One of the nice places to visit is Shogran’s Forest Rest House. From the rolling grassy lawns of the rest house, one can become immersed breathtaking panoramic views of snow covered mountains. Kaghan Valley’s highest peaks, such as Musa Ka Musalla Makra and Malika Parbat are visible from here. For those wishing to stay the night or have a meal, there are a number of small and medium size hotels in Shogran.

    But when you get to Showgran you will not find anything much interesting except hotels and restaurants, but the real beauty is up there on SIRREE PAYE. You will have to get a jeep on rent to get there, if you are not an experienced driver then don’t take the risk of driving yourself because it is not good to drive in yourself. At the top of SIRREE, there are a lot of things to enjoy the main attracting thing is a little lake at the top. This is naturally made with the water of rain and snow. In the end, this place needs a visit.

    The main place here to visit is Shogran, which is 5 miles jeep able trek from Kiwai, and further 5 miles you’ll go up another 3000 feet. Now you are 7000 feet above the sea level and rightly so because Shogran means “Forest in the sky”. You’ll be able to view the some of the lofty peaks from here, which are ” Moosa Ka Musalla ” and ” Makra “having height of 14000 feet, and Malika-e-Parbat (Queen of the Mountains) (17000 feet).

    Forest Rest House, Shogran:

    You should not miss a trip to Forest Rest House. Most of people sit and relax in its huge lush green lawns. Entry might be restricted when senior officials visit or stay at rest house. Views of Sri Paya and Musa Da Mussalah peak are really nice from the lawns of rest house.

    Mini Zoo, Pine Park Shogran:

    Pine Park Shogran is a nice tourist resort with impressive facilities. For children’s attraction there is a mini zoo. Some unique n beautiful varieties of birds are on display.

    Shogran’s real asset are the views it offers. The air is impregnated with the scent of flowers and the fine forests around. If one for something totally out of the world in the deep pine forrest and wonderful alpine trees, it would be suggested to chose Shogran.

    The eveing views of the forest and the mountainsnearby are spectacular. you can also go for an evening walk to the traditonally built resturants and shops in the heart of the settlements. And dont forget to taste the tasty Green tea as well. It is an expensive resort with limited number of hotels and facilities.

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