Tolipir National Park (33o NL, 73o E, top altitude some 2,621 meter) gets its name from a mausoleum (locally known as Mazaar) of a saint, known as Tolipir, located on the top folds of the mountain ridge at an altitude of some 3,100 m asl., falling in Pir Panjal Hills

located in the western reaches of the Great Himalayan Range. The peak provides an amazing aerial view of the foothills, forests, rivers, streams and valleys. It is the highest mountain that can be seen from Rawalkot and vicinity, Abbass Pur and parts of the District Bagh. This is a famous hill station and the façade of this fabulous mountain is through unique and resembles the flare of Miran Jani and Thandiani. The general area, and group of villages or human settlements appearing in different top folds of the hills, surrounding this mausoleum, is generally recognized as Tolipir area. 

A number of villages and towns are scattered in the general Tolipir area. A pleasant breeze continues blowing throughout the day in all seasons but its speed increases in the afternoon hours. The major part of the rainfall is received in the form of summer monsoon during May-August. Minimum precipitation is received during autumn (September-November). Hailstorm is common during August-September, while snowfall is received at intervals between November and March especially at higher altitudes.

Dew is frequent during different parts of the year, depending upon temperature and humidity. The mean winter temperature (during January) remains between 7 Co and 1 C o at lower and higher elevations, respectively. The mean summer maximum temperatures remain around 16 Cº and 26 Cº in the parts located at higher and lower mountain folds, respectively recorded in January11C° and goes on increasing till June 34 C°. The average temperature goes on decreasing after June gradually and reaches to 14 C° in December.




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