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Quest For K2: Surviving the Summit (National Geographic)

Quest For K2: Surviving the Summit (National Geographic), Pakistan, 24 November 2000

By Film Oasis. Released 2000. 13 minutes. The Vertical Limit DVD includes a K2 featurette about the first Americans to summit K2 in 1978 via the treacherous Northeast Ridge. This is a brief excerpt from the National Geographic six 30-minute TV episodes.


Jim Wickwire reached the K2 summit on September 6, 1978 with Lou Reichardt. "For me it was the culmination of this life-long dream, and I wanted to linger." And by lingering he had to suffer a solo bivouac 150m below the summit.

Rick Ridgeway reached the K2 summit on September 7, 1978 with John Roskelley. "We were on that peak above 18,000 feet for 68 days. ... Everything seemed hallucinatory. ... And we just sit there on the summit next to each other, leaning one shoulder against the other, not saying anything."

This short excerpt from the 6-part TV series features some excellent K2 scenes and footage of the 1978 American Expedition. I enjoyed seeing the interviews with Rick Ridgeway and Jim Wickwire.

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