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K2 The Price of Conquest

K2 The Price of Conquest

by Lino Lacedelli in interviews with Giovanni Cenacchi in 2003. Published in Italian in 2004. Published in English in 2006. After 50 years, Lacedelli finally talks about what really happened on the first ascent of K2 in 1954. He agrees that Walter Bonatti became a victim and a sacrificial lamb. The cover is Lino Lacedelli on K2 Summit. There are 16 pages of colour photos, 12 pages of b/w photos, and 27 b/w photos in-line with text.

The Mountains of My Life

The Mountains of My Life

by Walter Bonatti, translated by Robert Marshall. This book collects the classic writings of world-famous mountaineer Walter Bonatti (many from On The Heights and The Great Days). The cover is Bonatti's solo route on the south-west pillar of the Petit Dru from August 17-22, 1955. The book has 26 pages of b/w photos, 3 b/w photos in-line with text, and 8 route maps.


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