A replica of the Manora Light House has been built on the premises, which signifies the importance of these nautical landmarks while navigating at sea. Visitors can climb up and enjoy a panoramic view of the museum's breathtaking landscape. The light house greatly enhances the view of the lake and duplicates the atmosphere of Karachi harbour.



This large gallery has been incorporated on the second floor of the museum. It provides the visitors a clear concept of the variations of coral and marine life from the sea surface to the continental shelf down to the deep sea. It is a colourful experience for the visitors and exceptionally informative of the marine life. A specially programmed computer for accessing information on marine life has also been provided for the young and keen scholars.


The most fascinating antefact of the Maritime History Gallery is the metallic armourus, which was, found off the coast of Ormara during recent dredging. It dates back to the 8th century when Mohammed Bin Qasim's forces passed through this region. The gallery also exhibits Moenjodaro's riverine trade, Ancient Trade Routes, mural painting of Bin Qasim's Attack on Deybal, early Muslim navigational instruments, maps and miniature paintings.


A large lake has been built on the museum premises to achieve an atmosphere of the sea. A complete Minesweeper and a Midget Submarine have been anchored in the lake. For the preservation of the rapidly diminishing tradition of manual boat building a traditional riverine boat called Baghochan has been permanently displayed. The boat was fabricated on the museum premises by rare artisans using only six tools. The lake provides the visitors a number of seating platforms overhanging the water where they can relax while enjoying the serenity of the lake.


This gallery is a fine representation of the Pakistan Navy's achievements during the 1965 Indo-Pak war. A large stone-finished relief mural depicts return of the triumphant fleet after the devastating bombardment of the Indian coast at Dwarka. The gallery has a multitude of vintage naval equipment on display. Truly a bountiful journey through the ages for visitors who wish to vicariously live the naval past. Two computer systems have also been provided for access to world wide naval information through CD-ROMS.


This special lobby has been incorporated for the visitors to gather information about the Pakistan Navy by operating easy-to-use touch-activated state-of-the-art computerised Archive Retrieval System. There is also a large mural in ceramic depicting the enormity and resources of the sea flanked beautifully by two large seawater aquariums which add colour and composure to this lobby.


Exquisite works of a number of Pakistani sculptors and artists of national and international repute have been displayed in the museum. Virtuosos such as Zahoor-ul-Akhlaque, Masood Kohari, Shahid Sajad and other prominent artists like Noor Jahan Bilgrami, Khalil Chisti, Ruby, Masood Akhtar, Ather Jamal and Shoaib have rendered lasting expression. These works depict regional maritime heritage, tributes to naval Shuhuda (martyrs), Pakistan Navy's Deeds of Glory, eloquent naval episodes and development of the Pakistan Navy. Reputed institutions such as National College of Arts and Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture have also been associated to give the museum an authentic, aesthetic and a modern outlook.


This gallery is a comprehensive representation of Pakistan's Harbours through expressive exhibits and paintings. The Karachi harbour has been depicted in a large diorama giving the visitors an opportunity to enjoy a birds eye view of the channel, its surrounding settlements and the rare mangroves. Immaculate sculptures representing the Traders of the East, a Ropery and the unique vintage lantern are its main exhibits. A large mural painting of Manora's Fort Qasim is also a sensational display.


The Submarine Mock-Up represents a life-sized segment of a Daphne Submarine, which emulates the Operation Room. Here the visitors can experience the simulation of a real-life surface target engagement procedure through reconstruction of the historical moments that led to the sinking of Indian Navy Ship Khukri. This simulator device will also provide an opportunity to the public to interact with animated equipment such as periscope, radio, sonar etc.


A mammoth Balaenoptera whale skeleton has been suspended from the ceiling in vicinity of Marine Life Gallery providing the visitors yet another spectacular sight. This whale had, washed-up on the shores of Karachi more than a decade ago and was retrieved by local fishermen. Later, it was treated and preserved for display at this museum. The whale is about 45 feet in length and is occasionally found in tropical waters.


The museum remains open from 1000 hours to 2200 hours daily except Wednesday. On Wednesday the museum remains closed for pubic visits.

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