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Kas Chanatar is a valley located next to the city of Bhimber in Azad Kashmir near the border of the Pakistani Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. On either sides of the valley, villages are scattered in evenly spread basis.


The relatively low lying foothills of the Himalayan ranges have been carved out by local residents of the region for agricultural purposes to grow crops such as corn and wheat. Most of the villagers in this region rely on their home grown produce to survive. Most of the people living in this region only recently began receiving electricity and telephone lines. Television cables have also begun making their way across the valley within the last year.

Also known as Chanatar Kas, with a latitude of 32.98 (32° 58' 40 N) and a longitude of 74.09 (74° 5' 10 E), is a hydrographic (stream) located in the area / state of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan that is a part of Asia.

The location is situated 510 kilometers north east (48°) of the approximate center of Pakistan and 117 kilometers south east (133°) of the capital Islamabad.

A 10 square km area around Chanatar Kas has an approximate population of 342900 (0.003429 persons per square meter) and an average elevation of 390 meters above the sea. Nearby: Bhimber (1.9 km west), Makahal (2.03 km south west), Khamb (2.08 km west), Potosial (2.14 km north), Dharian (2.39 km north west).

The animals located in this valley include Jackals, Wild Pigs, Eagles, Goats, Buffalos and Crows. Crops grown in the region include Corn and Wheat.

A stream flows between the valley during rainy season. The geographic location is as follows:
Chanatar Kas, Stream, 32.9777778, 74.0861111

Mughal remains can be seen behind many of the villages that line up on the sides of the valley. Mughal Emperors used to rule over these lands over 200 years ago. Walls made by them using stones are the most significant remains seen in this area.

Villages that abide in this region include:

  • Gurah Mehran
  • Chini Dakki
  • Gurah Chadian
  • Gurah Nala
  • Gurah Bagh
  • Gurah Naka
  • Gurah Thothal
  • Gurah Mughlaan
  • Gurah Kalai
  • Gurah Khaibrian
  • Gurah Dairi
  • Gurah Kanjal
  • Chatta
  • Gurah Jhandi

There are 99% are Jatts which are livivg here from many years. In 1% there are other castes which are mainly butt and Rajputt.

This is also the way of Mughal Empiriors and they also have rest there. Mostly people use this way to go India.


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