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    K2: Traum Und Schicksal

    K2: Traum Und Schicksal, Pakistan, 25 November 1986

    By Kurt Diemberger and Julie Tullis. Filmed on K2 in 1986. 60 minutes. This is the story of the tragic 1986 K2 season when nine expeditions converged on K2, 27 people reached the summit, but 13 were killed, seven of them after reaching the summit.


    The film starts with the trek to K2 Base Camp, mainly showing the porters, making bread, trekking, and praying. We see the expeditions at base Camp, with Kurt and Julie meeting and interviewing many of the other climbers, including Al Rouse, Jim Curran, Goretta Casarotto speaking on a radio to her husband Renato Casarotto who was high on the mountain, Wanda Rutkiewicz (who became the first woman to climb K2 on June 23), the Austrian team including Willi Bauer, Alfred Imitzer, and Hannes Wieser. There is a touching scene with many climbers laughing and enjoying watching a movie.

    Shot in the studio, Kurt Diemberger describes the tragic events of that season, including Willie Bauer and Kurt's own harrowing descent when a snowstorm with excessive wind and cold temperatures seven climbers, keeping them tent bound at Camp 4 for 5 days, with Julie Tullis dying in her sleep on August 7.

    The film closes with Willi Bauer walking, while Kurt is carried on a stretcher to a helicopter to be flown out from base Camp.

    The film quality is very good, with colour generally bright and vivid. I enjoyed the trek to Base Camp and seeing the many climbers at Base Camp, especially Julie Tullis meditating by practicing martial arts. I was disappointed in the brief actual climbing scenes with nothing high on the mountain.

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