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    K2: Climbing The Savage Mountain

    K2: Climbing The Savage Mountain, Pakistan, 25 November 2016

    Filmed 2007. Released 2008. 44 minutes. The 2007 Shared Summits K2 Expedition, led by Chris Warner, was hosted on NBCSports.com and shown on NBC TV. The team switched to the Abruzzi Ridge after giving up on the East Face and Southeast Spur. Chris Warner, Bruce Normand and Don Bowie reached the Summit of K2 on July 20, 2007. The bonus is 6 minutes of interviews with Bruce, Chris, and Don.


    There are a few quick scenes of the jeep ride to Askole and a few brief interviews. Kurt Diemberger: "K2 is the most difficult. It’s the most demanding. It is certainly one of the most dangerous 8000m peaks.” They trek to Base Camp and climb through the frightful ice fall to reach the East Face. Two hidden crevasses opened up with Chris falling into the smaller one. This was lucky because they probably would have been killed in the larger one. They attempt the East Face, setting up Camp I before they are stopped by the dizzying steep route with no place for a camp.

    They return to Base Camp where they combine resources with the other expeditions to mount a unified international attempt on the Abruzzi Route. They start off a couple of times, making it to Camp 3 before being beaten back to Base Camp by the cold windy and snowy weather. They start again, go thru the icefall and climb in bad weather to camps I, II and III. Finally the weather improves, and the teams join together to break trail in the waist deep snow. They reach Camp 4 with excellent views of the Karakoram and the summit headwall. They continued climbing towards the summit, slowly crossing a very scary almost vertical ice face in their crampons. Eighteen people trudged up the deep snow to the summit.

    This film graphically shows the many dangers and challenges of attempting K2, like the appalling bad weather, the icefall with huge seracs and crevasses, and the climbing. This film helps bring all the stories in the K2 books into focus. I enjoyed seeing mountaineering legend Kurt Diemberger being interviewed. There are a few annoying TV outros and intros.

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