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    K2 The Untimate High, Pakistan, 25 November 1992

    Directed by Franc Roddam. Starring Michael Biehn and Matt Craven. 1992. 106 minutes. Filmed on location in Vancouver, Whistler and Mount Waddington in British Columbia (misspelled at Colombia in the credits), and Skardu and other locations in Pakistan. This film follows two climbing friends as they climb K2. There is a 50-minute extra called The Conquest of K2.


    The film is pretty true to the climbing world with snippets of: rock climbing, the young selfish climber, the family man leaving his wife and child behind, the expedition style versus alpine style climbing, avalanches, crossing a crevasse on a metal ladder, the Balti porter strikes on the way to base camp, high altitude sickness, radio communication between the climbers and base camp, ice climbing, ropes together, the bad weather, camps on the ascent, two climbers dying going to the summit, slowly and painfully reaching the summit, bivouacking in a crevasse on the descent, falling on the descent with one climber breaking his leg and his partner refusing to leave him and dragging him to rescue, the helicopter rescue.

    I enjoyed the movie for being a fairly authentic climbing story - not too over the top like Vertical Limit. The trekking and climbing scenes looks fairly authentic with only a few small errors like climbing too high too fast on an 8000m peak, not wearing hats and sunglasses at all times.

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