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    Goleen Valley

    Goleen Valley

    Gollen valley is located in the North-east of Chitral Town, the main settlements of this valley are Goleen Payeen, Chashma, Bubaka, Izghor, Birmogh and Istoor, the area of this Valley is 532km2 with the population of Approximately 2,000 people. The language spoken by the locals is Khowar (Chitrali).


    • Fauna of Goleen Valley
    • How to Reach
    • Where to Stay
    • What to Eat
    • What to See
    • What to Eat
    • What to See
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    Fauna of Goleen Valley

    In Goleen there are also the sightings of various animals and birds such as
    markhor, ibex, chukor and ram chukor.

    How to Reach

    Daily public transport (4x4jeep) is available between Chitral and Goleen on specified timings. Travel time is two hours from Chitral to the first village of the valley. It is recommended that 4x4 vehicles be hired in Chitral Town.

    Where to Stay

    A community-managed tourist hut is available in Izghor village with modest facilities for four to six persons. For large tourist groups, it is advisable to carry tents and sleeping bags. The best place for camping is the lower pasture at the end of the valley.

    What to Eat

    Few opportunities exist to purchase food in the valley but traditional cuisine may also be available. It is advisable to carry on bottled or boiled water for drinking.

    What to See

    The tourist Attraction includes the Chitrali culture; Chattodok Lake; treks to the Laspur, Madaglasht and Koghozi valleys of Chitral.

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