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    French Beach

    French Beach (The Breathtaking View at Karachi, Sindh) of Karachi is situated half way between the place of Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point, is a small fishing village frequented by Karachi’s elite of Karachi city and known to the local people as Haji Ismill Goth.

    Encircled by a boundary wall, it provides 95 huts, built by the villagers, for rent. The village does not have running water, but has the facility of electric power. Its rocky beach and clear waters are perfect for the activities of snorkeling and scuba diving as well as surfing during the season of monsoon. Visitors and tourists have to bring their own equipment as well as food and drink supplies.

    Many people want to visit this astonishing breathtaking beach but it has deficiency of contemporary facilities. Government should take some immediate steps so that more and more individuals go at French beach. It will not just assist the local poor people a lot but surely it will also become one of the best beaches in the state of Pakistan.

    The Location of French Beach

    French Beach is nearly 40 to 45 kilometers from the city of Karachi. Visitors have to take Mauripur Road to popular Hawke’s bay. Next beach is French beach after hawke’s bay and paradise point, Nathiagali Beach onwards.

    Scuba Diving / Snorkeling at French Beach Karachi

    Divers Reef is handled and organized by four groups of friends. It provides sports and other activities involving Snorkeling, Water Frenzy and Scuba Diving etc. It is quiet safe and secures to do snorkeling after some important directions and instructions. All members are equipped with the significant life jackets and other essentials. It would be plus point If you know swimming then there would be no difficulty to do snorkeling. But it is also possible to do snorkeling without skills of swimming. All people above the ten years can participate in this adventurous sport.

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