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    Jhelum History

    Jhelum (Greek: Αλεξάνδρια Βυκεφάλους Alexandria Bucephalous) is a city on the right bank of the Jhelum River, in the district of the same name in the north of Punjab province, Pakistan. Jhelum is known for providing a large number of soldiers to the British Army

    Khewra Salt Mine

    The Khewra Salt Mine (or Mayo Salt Mine) is located in Khewra, north of Pind Dadan Khan, an administrative subdivision of Jhelum District, Punjab Region, Pakistan, which rises from the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is Pakistan's largest and oldest salt mine and

    Lehri Nature Park

    Lehri Nature Park is situated in Jhelum District, northern Punjab, Pakistan. The park is almost 90 kilometres on GT Road in the hilly Pothohar region from Islamabad and almost 40 kilometers from Jhelum City. It is 10 kilometres from GT Road. The park has lodgings

    River Jhelum

    The river Jhelum is navigable throughout the district, which forms the south-eastern portion of a rugged Himalayan spur, extending between the Indus and Jhelum to the borders of the Sind Sagar Doab. Its scenery is very picturesque, although not of so wild a character

    Jalalpur Sharif

    Jalalpur Sharif is a city and a municipal board in Ambedkar Nagar district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The most prominent personality of the city is Anwar Jalalpuri, a Urdu poet who translated the Geeta in the Urdu language entitled "Urdu Shairi Mein Geeta".

    Alexander of the Hydaspes

    The Battle of the Hydaspes (or Jhelum) was fought by Alexander the Great in 326 BC against King Porus of the Paurava kingdom on the banks of the river Hydaspes (now known as the Jhelum) in the Punjab near Bhera, thought to be located at the site

    Tilla Jogian

    Tilla Jogian, location of Tilla Jogian temple complex - a 1st-century BC Hindu and Sikh holy site, is the highest peak in the eastern Salt Range in Punjab, Pakistan. At 975 meters (3200 ft) above sea level, it is about 25 km to the west of Jhelum City city and 10 km west

    Rohtas Fort

    Following his defeat of the Mughal emperor Humayun in 1541, Sher Shah Suri built a strong fortified complex at Rohtas, a strategic site in the north of what is now Pakistan. It was never taken by storm and has survived intact to the present day.

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