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    Sari paya

    A wonderful excursion from Shogran is a visit to Sari and Paya. A rugged eight kilometer road climbs 230 feet through thick pine forest to the top of Paya ride, a lush green meadow with spectacular view of malika Parbat. One can also see varieties of wild alpine flowers


    At the drive of 2 hours after moving from Balakot, another most attractive and the main point for tourists is SHOWGRAN. This area is very brilliant and beautiful,Shogran, one of the most beautiful plateaus in the valley, is situated 34 kilometers from Balakot via kewai.

    A little ahead of Paras, Shinu is a place which has trout hatchery. This is one of the oldest hatcheries of NWFP Fisheries Department. It is from this hatchery that brown trout and rainbow trout are stocked in the upper Kunhar River, Lake Saiful muluk

    Sharan Meadows

    A 16 km jeep-road from Paras on the other bank of the Kunar leads to the dense forests and absolute wilderness of Sharan; located at a height of 7,872 ft. Campers seeking absolute isolation usually head here. The only population is that of a forest rest-house


    Back on the main road to Naran, 6 kilometers further north of Kewai is the small town of Paras. The main bazaar consists of some shops and road side restaurants and is worth stopping to have a cup of tea or simple lunch. Public transport usually makes a tea stop here

    Babusar Pass

    Babusar Pass is at a distance of 80 km from Naran. It is on the way to the pass that the Kaghan valley's scenery becomes most dramatic. Battakundi is at a distance of 16 km from Naran and provides access to Lalazar Plateau, lake Dodiputsar and

    Musa Ka Musala

    Musa Ka Musala stands at an altitude of 4080 meters at the junction of Siran and Kaghan Valleys in Himalaya. The name translates to “Moses’ Mat” which has different stories associated with it. While some believe it to be named after a local shepherd

    Malika purbat

    Malika Parbat peaks are situated in Kaghan Valley. The ridge-line that contains peaks of name Malika Parbat has 04 prominent summits. Malika Parbat (South) also the main peak and the highest in whole of Kaghan. This peak was climbed by Pakistani Rashid Butt


    Lalazar is an extremely picturesque pasture at an elevation of 3200m. It is linked to Naran by a 21 kilometers jeep track via Batakundi. Lalazar is the scenic spot with thick forests of pine and fir. The grassy mountain slopes are full of wild flowers.


    Just a little distance from Mahanderi is the Khanian. Khanian is a small but attractive, peaceful village on the right bank of the Kunhar. It is the starting point for a trip to Kamal Ban Forest and Danna Meadows Khanian is a small but attractive, peaceful village

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