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    This is a 3 hours safe hill trek to Mushkpuri Top and is the second highest hill of Galiyat at 9452 feet/3150 meters above sea level approximately. This trek starts from the Pines Hotel in Nathigali spiraling upwards through the beautiful green pine

    forest displaying natural beauty. Hikers on their way to Mushkpuri top are presented with colorful fairy fragmented carpet of flowers in the green Meadows of Mushkpuri. (especially at the end of the rainy season). Another trek descends to the other side towards Dunga Gali giving you the bird eye view of Ayubia National Park down below, this trek is not advisable for for people with fear of height the park starts from Dunga Gali and extend towards the river Jehlum. The trek up to Mushkpuri Top can also be started from Dunga Gali. It’s a good trek for the families to go out and enjoy the beautiful natural pine forest of galyat. There is a very small water spring at the top. Also you can see scenic Kashmir valley from Mushkpuri Top.

    Mushkpuri is a 9200 feet elevated peak in Nathiagali Hills where you can reach either by trekking from Nathiagali or Dunga gali track. It is about 90 km in the north of Islamabad, Pakistan, just above the Dunga Gali in the Nathia gali area of Ayubia National Park. On the way one can have marvelous view of Lalazar Park. Lalazar Park is situated about one kilometer up the track from Nathiagali.

    Most part of the mountain is covered with sub alpine conifer forests. There are two tracks to reach the Mushkpuri top:

    Nathiagali to Mukshpuri Top: Four kilometer track beginning near the Shangrila Hotel in Nathiagali passes through thick pine forests and goes to 2800 meters high feet Mushkpuri top.

    Dungagali to Mukshpuri Top: This is the alternative 4 km track that starts from Dungagali, a place four kilometers short of Nathiagali, on Murree-Nathiagali Highway. It is equal in length to Nathiagali-Mushkpuri track.

    Dungagali-Ayubia Track: This track is also known as the pipeline track as it is just beside the pipeline that supplies water from Dungagali to Murree. It is among the world most beautiful tracks and is about 4 Km from Dungagali to Ayubia. It is a plain track without any ups and downs unlike the Mushkpuri track.

    Trail 3 Islamabad: There are total 6 trails on the Margalla hills but the most famous among them is the Trail 3. It is about 5.5 km and begins from Margalla Road, F-6/3. It may be a little tough for the beginners but is surely worth visiting.

    Start Point: Dunga Gali or Nathia Gali

    End Point: Mushkpuri Top

    Distance: 3 km

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