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    Darwaza is a village near Ayubia, situated in the Palak Union Council of the Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The population of Darwaza is about 5000. The mahallah of Darwaza village include:


    Chamb is a small mahallah of Darwaza village, which is at a distance of about 2 km from Kuza Gali. Chamb is linked to the main Ayubia-Nathia Gali Road through a road from Khaira Gali. The population of Chamb is around 1000 and the main places of Chamb are Butti, Kohri, Purana Chamb, Upper Chamb and Lower Chamb.

    Chamb is considered to be one of the most literate area of Village Darwaza although there is no school in Chamb. About 60 percent of the population of Chamb is associated with hotel industry. Chamb consists of two main Clans—Totyals and Terwals. Totyals are about 80 percent of the population of Chamb.


    Riyali is located next to Chamb and this mohalla is geographically a narrow strip, with a population slightly less than that of Chamb. Riyali is connected by the Darwaza-Khaira Gali road. The main clans living in Riyali are Ruswals and Changwals.

    The majority of people of Riyali work in hotels and restaurants. Apart from that, the second most prominent profession here is small business with small shops.


    Bantan is considered to be the main hub of Darwaza village. The population of Bantan is less than 1000 people but this mohalla is very much known for sectarian and political fighting and tussles. There is a vast majority of Barelvi Muslims in this locality and the situation is often tense between the Barelvi majority and the Deobandi minority.

    Chaprana - Khater

    Chaprana-Khater, is situated nearest to Khanspur Ayubia.

    Ander Kote

    Ander Kote is a village near Riyali with a population of about 1000 people. There is a primary school in Ander Kote for boys. There is a mosque available in Ander Kot Main Clans of Ander Kote are Najyal and Hajyals.


    Bagla is a mohalla near Jandala with Deobandi Sunni the majority population. Bagla is situated very close to Madrassa Wali Dukhtaran-e-Islam Academy Panyali. Bagla is on the way to Khairagali Darwaza Road. Bagla is considered as a PTI hub in Village Darwaza.

    Village Darwaza is considered as one of the least developed villages of UC Palak where basic necessities of life are yet missing. Transportation means in Darwaza are in a pathetic situation as no proper roads are available for local commuters to reach to the main roads of Khaira Gali and Ayubia. Darwaza is linked to Khaira Gali through a link road which is unpaved and dangerous with history of a number of deadly accidents causing casualties. Another link road links Darwaza with Khanspur Ayubia however condition of this link road is also poor. Some recent developments have taken place on this road though. However, political tussles between groups in Darwaza are causing a major hindrance in the development of this village's road infra-structure.

    Darwaza is deprived of educational facilities as well as there is not even a single high school situated in Darwaza. Students from Darwaza have to travel for long walks to GHSS Khanspur Ayubia or GHS Nergol Khaira gali. There is one girls middle school and a few primary schools in Darwaza but they also lack in terms of staff and facilities.
    Health facilities are also not available to the people of Darwaza as there isn't any hospital/dispensary or any basic health unit in Darwaza. It takes hours for people of Darwaza to reach any hospitals or clinics in case of any emergencies which often results in life losses.

    Darwaza is a comparatively colder area than many other villages of UC Palak as this village enjoys a heavier snowfall in winter than any other village in the nearby region. Darwaza is covered by dense forests from three sides. This botanical landscaping results in a pleasant weather in Darwaza in Summer as well with temperature remaining below 20 in June. In January and February snowfall season, temperature in Darwaza falls below 0.

    Bagla, Chamb, Ryali and Panyali are the coldest places in Village Darwaza while Bantan and Sangal Deh have lesser cold. However, due to continuous De-forestation, climatic changes are affecting Darwaza badly and normal trend of summer and winter season are changing every year.

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