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    Photo Credits: Zakee Kazmee
    Hopar Valley

    Hopar Valley

    The Hopar Valley is a scenic portion of the Nagar Valley in northern Pakistan. It is about 10 km away from Nagar Khas, the principal city of the Nagar Valley. Hopar Valley is the site of the Spantik and Hopar (Hopper) glaciers. Hopar Valley is a cluster of villages around

    a natural bowl at a bend of Bualtar Glacier. Opposite Hopar the white Bualtar is joined by the Barpu Glacier. This is a base camp for treks into the high, glacier-draped peaks called the Hispar Muztagh. Whole population of this valley is Burushaski speakers. Burushaski has always been a mystry for linguists. This valley has many natural resources and natural beauty but ignorance by the government and local politicians contributes to it not being realized for its potential.

    The Hopar Hilton is a small mountain lodge overlooking the Hopar Glacier, which is unaffiliated with the famous Hilton Hotels chain.

    While Hoper valley is far away from Gilgit main city but very charming and tourists attraction spot and ancient history belongs to this land. there are still ruins of old kingdoms and settlements ruins of ancient life..Hoper inn and a guest house of Forest and Power and water department serve the national and international tourist too. one can saty and dine there and enjoy nature fully.For further information and data one can consult free information giving center known as SALEH center .you can cnsult.

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