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    Pishin Valley

    The Pishin Valley is located in Pishin District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located 50km away from the provincial capital - Quetta. In Balochistan, Pakistan in the Pishin District lies a beautiful valley famous as Pishin valley. From Quetta it is about 50 km away.

    Pishin Valley consists of thousands of fruit orchard. It is basically a fruitful land where numerous crops and fruits are grown. This valley is mostly famous for its greenery and it is also a chief place for the production of crops. In addition to crops it is also a well-known place for the production of vegetables and food items. In Pakistan this valley is renowned for horticulture and agriculture. Besides from fruit there lies an old-fashioned little market town which is well-known for eating joints and other customary foods. There is an artificial spring known as Karez, this man made spring is prepared in order to use the bottomless water for irrigation reason. The Pishin Valley is a hub of celebration and multihued yield programs and additional artistic gala. Folk dances here in the valley are very popular. 1 In spring PishinValley gives a picturesque look as most plants are in boom in this season. It is a must visit place as it is a master piece of this world. In the season of autumn and spring migrant tribesmen pass through across this valley along with their herds of sheep and camels and their various products for sale. This seasonal association put in color and prettiness to the life of Pishin Valley. In Balochistan, Pishin Valley has become one of the most desirable tourists place in recent years. In Pishin Valley Bund Khushdil is located which is a 5 km long and 2 km wide tank and is one of the magnificent place. This place is completely reliant on snow and rainfall which multiplies its beauty. But somehow now days this place has become a spot of duck shooting. Besides being a breathtaking tourist’s place it also provides room to tourists to take part in activities like trick horse riding, horse jumping, trick motor cycle riding and moreover in dare-devil motor car driving. 2 During the harvesting festival in Pishin Valley there is also a dog and hare race which a very significant happening. Moreover in Pishin Valley there is a fortress and at the time of sunset the fortress looks fabulous. To cut a long story short I would say this valley is full of life and an awesome place to be visited.

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