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    Bashigram Lake

    Bashigram Lake is situated to the South of Bashigram valley near Madyan (56 km from Saidu Sharif). Bashigram Dara (gorge) is one of the beautiful gorges of the Chail Dara (A sub-valley and in the East of Madyan). From Madyan a jeeb able road goes alond the Chail Dara covering

    villages like Shinko and reaches Bashigram village. Trek to Bashigram Danda (lake) starts from Kas banda ( "Banda" is a local term for small human settlements) and ascending through Kafir Banda, Deenai Banda and finally Dand Banda. Lake is just after Danda Banda. Total trekking distance is around 9 km and takes seven (7) hours to reach to. The trek to the lake offers some breathtaking views of Bashigram Dara and its majestic human settlements. The Lake of Bashigram is covered by a towering peaks. Mount Pyazai Sar ridge rises above the lake on its North-West side. The green water of Bashigram Danda looks very enchanting. The glaciers floats on the surface of it almost all the year. The giant glacier - which for whole part of the year does not melt completely - is at the south end of the lake, has become very famous and known among the tourists who have visited the lake. The stream that comes out of this lake is calledBashigram Khwarr (stream) which is a clear and greenish water source for the Chail Khwarr. The shepherds from time to time moves along these settlements with their herds for grazing purposes. The lake can also be trekked from Maindam and Alpurai valleys of Swat and Shangla districts respectively.

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