The devastation of khorasan and western iran was to the benefit of this part of Pakistan, for it led to the settling in this city of a large number of pious and learned men and nobles families like Gardezi Syeds and Qureshis from khwarzim, amongst

whom Sheikh Bahauddin Zakaria is a famous saint. About the same time Pir shams Sabzwari from sabzwari from sabzwar and Kazi Qutubuddin from kashan came to Multan. Baba Farid Shakar Ganj was born in a village of multan and settled in pakpattan. Khawaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki paased through Multan to Dehli and Syed Jalal, the spiritual leader of many families in Multan, Muzaffargarh and Bahawalpur, came to Uch. Sultan Sakhi Sarwar’s father also emigrated from Bukhara to Sarwar Shah Kot in Multan district. These venerable men contributed greatly in speeding Islam in this area.


The saints and shrines of multan have been attracting a large number of devotees around the year. One of the foremost scholars of islam, Shaikh Bah-ud-din zikria’s shrine is located in the fort. He was born in 1170 AD, studied in Turan and Iran and received instructions from Shaikh Shahab-ud-Din Suharwardi at Baghdad. His mausoleum was built by the saint himself, it has a unique style of architecture of that period, it also houses the graves of the most of the eminent of the Qureshi family, including that of Nawab Muzafar Khan.

The mausoleum of Shah-Rukn-e-Alam, the grandson of Shaikh Bahauddin Zakaria, is located near the main gate of the Multan fort. He was a man of great religious and political influence during the Tughlaq reign and was in Multan when it was visited by Ibn-e-Batuta. The Mausoleum was originally built by emperor Ghayasud Din Tughlaq but was given up by his son Muhammad Tughlaq in favour of Shah-Rukn-e-Alam. Besides its religious importance, the Mausoleum has a unique architecture value. Its dome is considered to be the second largest in the world. The Mausoleum has recently been given the Agha Khan award for the best Muslim architecture. Some of the interesting
statistics of its architecture are:

  1. Total height above the road level is 150 ft
  2. Total height of building is 100 ft
  3. Octagonal upper structure diameter is 26 ft
  4. Octagonal lower structure diameter is 52 ft
  5. The dome on top has a diameter of 58 ft

The Mausoleum has very rich geometrical patterns , calligraphy and colourful floral, mosaic and glazed title work. The shrine is visited by devotees around the year.

The shrine of Hazrat shams Sabzwari is located near Aam-Khas Garden. A descendant of Imam Jaffar, he was born in 1165 AD. The saint died in 1276 AD and his shrine was built by his grandson in 1330 AD.

Shrines located in Multan

  1. Hazrat Ghous Bahauddin Zikria Multani Qila Kuhna, Qasim Bagh.
  2. Hazrat Shah Ruknuddin Alam Suharwardy, Qasim bagh.
  3. Hazrat Pir Sadaruddin Arif, Qasim Bagh.
  4. Hazrat Pir Mudabbir Shah Bukhari, Qasim Bagh.
  5. Hazrat Maulana Hamid Ali Khan, Qasim Bagh.
  6. Hazrat Syed Sakhee Shah Hassan Parwana, Hassan Parwana Road.
  7. Hazrat Shah Shams sabzwari, Shah Shams Road.
  8. Hazrat Pir Masoom Shah Bukhari, Masoom Shah Road.
  9. Hazrat Hafiz Jamalullah Hafiz, jamai Road.
  10. Hazrat Shah Yousaf Gardaz, inside Bohar Gate.
  11. Hazrat Adham Shah Almaroof Pir Nou gaz, Moh. Dhundan, Androon Bohar gate.
  12. Hazrat Pir Burhanuddin, Qabrastan Pir Karam Shah, Circular Road, Almaroof Pir athara Ghaz Beroon Bohar Gate.
  13. Hazrat Muhabbat Shah Bukhari, Tehsil Road, Bagh Langay Khan.
  14. Hazrat Syed Musa pak Shaheed, Mohela Glariyan, inside Pak Gate.
  15. Hazrat Pir Nawab Sakhee, inside Pak Gate.
  16. Hazrat Pir Makhdoom Shaukat Hussain Gilani, darbar Pir Musa Pak Shaheed, inside Pak Gate.
  17. Hazrat Pir Inayat Walayat, Moh. Glariyan, Androon Pak Gate.
  18. Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Saeed kazmi, Shahi Eid Gah, Khanewal Road.
  19. Hazrat Pir Wali Muhammad Shah Almaroof Chader Wali Sarkar Main Road, Hasan Parwana Colony.
  20. Hazrat Bibi Rasti Pak Daman, Qabrastan Pak Mai, Opp City Railway Station.
  21. Hazrat Pir Muhammad Umar, Qabristan Pir Umer, Shahrah-e-RashidHazrat Baba Abdul Rasheed Zikria, Chowk Bazar
  22. Hazrat Shah Dana Shaheed, Moh. Kangraan, Androon Delhi Gate.
  23. Hazrat Pir Hussain Aagahi , Bazar Hussain Aagahi.
  24. Hazrat Pir kaley Shah Bazar, Kaley mandi.
  25. Hazrat Shayedi Lal Sahib, Moh. Shayedi Lal, Near City Railway Station.
  26. Hazrat Baba Gharib Shah, Sher Shah Road.
  27. Hazrat Sher Shah Suharwardy, Chenab Road, Sher Shah.



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