Balghar is a village in Ghanche, [Gigit Baltistan]], Pakistan on the bank of the Shyok River. Some sources said that the name Balghar was derived from Bulgar which is a big ethnic group in Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine. The Shyok meets the Indus river at Keris about 30 kilometers

west of Balghar. The Thallay stream divides Balghar in two parts. The bigger part is referred to as Chogo Balghar. It consists of ten large and small mahallahs. The smaller part is called Choo Fuog, which consists of four mahallahs. The population of Balghar is about 10,000.

Balghar is a summer tourist destination. Balghar Ranga is situated in Gond neighborhood. It consists of a wide plain. Xooq and Gond neighborhoods are in the north and Gamba burdas are in the south near Thalay valley.

Balghar valley mainly consists of Noorbakhshia sect, comprising 70% of the population. The remaining 30% are Ahl al-Hadith.



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