Dagri Bungalow Rest House, located in the suburbs of Kutli, a Mohallah of Phalkot in Abbottabad. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The actual name of the place is “Dagri Nakka” which literally means “The Lion’s Den” and it wholly redefines the meaning,

because there are a lot of Leopards leaping here and there. The Bungalow is constructed by the Sarkar Bahadur (The British Government) for the residential purpose of Security Officials, who look after the forests of Galliat, by the British Government but soon after the partition it was handed over to the Ministry of Forests, Government of Pakistan. The Forest Ministry tried to preserve its entity yet the building was badly shaken in the 2005 earthquake and now it is on the verge of destruction, it could rightly be called a haunted house. However the treks, leading to the Bungalow are the most beautiful, adventurous and famous for the haunted stories.

Thandiani means ‘cool air’ in local dialect where surrounding mountains of Nathia Galli, Kohistan and Kaghan Valley, complement the atmosphere of the hill-station and make it more and more pleasant. It is accessible all the year round.

The peaceful area is covered with beautiful landscape. In case the weather is clear, Dagri naka provides a scenic sunset viewpoint. The region is covered with pine trees, which adds to its natural beauty. The area is known to have the most dense pine forest in the Galiyat region. Dugri is surrounded by subtropical evergreen forest.

Three treks are leading to Dagri Bungalow:

  1. Miranjani
  2. Beeran Galli
  3. Phalkot

The first trek is long but the easiest and the most beautiful of all other ones, although the hiking looks slightly tough at the beginning. The Miranjani trail is separated from the Dagri Bungalow trek, just in the foothill of Miranjani top, which is the highest Peak in the Galliat Region and elevated at the 9,776 feet (2,980 meters) above sea level. A lush green beautiful trek leads to Thandiani from Dagri Bungalow and equally enjoyable for the hikers, trekkers and the adventure loving souls.

Second trek is almost similar to the Miranjani and it starts from Thandiani, towards Beeran Galli in descending to Dagri Bungalow Rest House. It further leads to Miranjani Top to Nathia Galli. Because it is comparatively an easier trek, that’s why, almost all the professional trekkers start their debut trekking and hiking life with camping on it. There is a fresh water stream, at the distance of fifteen minutes trekking downward to the hills from the Rest House.

The trek which starts from Beeran Galli to Dagri Bungalow is approximately a 16 kilometres of ascending and it could be finished, just in a day. Densely forested area of Quercus (Burongi) makes the trek enjoyable and refreshing; where some the trees are old enough, perhaps hundreds of years old.

If the clear weather persists; the Sun set from Dagri Bungalow reflects a magnificent view and looks quite stunning.

Beeran Galli is located at a distance of 8 kilometers from Thandiani and there is small market, with a few shops. Forest Rest House, Beeran Galli is available for accommodation in the village.

The third trek is from Phalkot. It is the shortest one but hiking on it is somewhat difficult; it takes two hour of consecutive trekking to reach to the Dagri Bungalow.
Although the original building is damaged and repairable yet a three-room sheltered-hut is available for the accommodation. A watchman looks after it and he also extends his services to the tourists.

Note: It is a beautiful & a little bit dangerous place for camping, so to take care of you don’t throw your wasted food outside of your camps or even around the bungalow, because the Leopards will leap out of their Den at any moment of night, in search of the food and could harm the campers.


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