The tomb of Anarkali is one of the most significant buildings of the Mughal period. Ingeniously planned octagonal building, it is a memorial of the love-legend of Prince Saleem (Emperor Jahangir).

According to a legend, Nadira Begu, with the title of “Anarkali” belonged to the harem of Emperor Akbar. Suspecting Jahangir’s intense passion for the beautiful Anarkali, Akbar ordered Anarkali to be buried alived in a brick wall. She died in 1599 AD, and her tomb was later constructed by Jahangir in 1615 AD. Circular in shape and roofed by a lofty dome, the tomb was once surrounded by a garden, called ‘Anarkali Garden’. During the Sikh rule, the mausoleum was occupied by Kharak Singh. Later, it served as the residence of General Ventura, the Italian since 1891, it has been used as Punjab Archives Museum with an amazing treasure for those interest in the history of British Punjab.

Latif, quoting popular legend, says that Sharf-un-Nisa or Nadira Begam, with the title of Anarkali, was found giving a return smile to the prince by the emperor in the mirrors of his palace. Suspecting an intrigue or worse, Akbar ordered Anarkali to be interred alive. Accordingly, she was placed in an upright position and buried alive in a masonry wall, brick by brick. The prince, who must have been devastated, on succeeding the throne in 1605, "had an immense superstructure raised over her sepulcher" 16 years after her death.

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